There’s a little red brick building at the heart of Frimley Green

And its been there for a lifetime, Seventy years is what I mean.

It was built in times of trouble, the beginning of a war

To replace an old tin chapel which had served them well before.

But this rattling good old building then was bursting at the seams.

It was time for bricks and mortar and this prospect filled their dreams.

Soon, by Easter 1940 cash was raised and quickly paid.

Then, to cheers and jubilation new foundation stones were laid.

Within the year – the 5th of August- such a joyful day to reach.

Opening service - Start new organ - Public teas at ninepence each.

Out of this austere beginning happy things evolved twas said.

When two Sunday school group teachers fell in love and soon were wed.

Such a happy family feeling seems to live within these walls.

There are even comfy chairs now, in the place of wooden stalls.

As we grew and gently flourished our new church became too small.

So we built a nice extension, now we’ve space to welcome all.

Very soon this cheery building with some local groups was filled.

Mums and toddlers for example, Artists from Townswomen’s Guild. 

Handbell ringing, very expert, Slimming Club, Pilates too.

Railway Club and Band and Yoga, quite a choice of things to do.

Then on Fridays, After School Club for the young of Frimley Green,

Where they make the splendid Art works, which upon our walls are seen.

We take our place with those on show for ‘Open Gardens Day’.

Our ‘Fun with flowers’ ladies dress the church in a floral way.

People walking round the route, come in and pause to stand and peer

Pleased when they’ve stopped and looked and found, beauty and a welcome here.

When our annual sale takes place, it is quite a lively do.

We fill the church and the extension and out on the forecourt too.

Then a recent innovation, a marquee upon the Green, 

With our banner blazing boldly, there’s no doubt that we get seen.

And, in case you haven’t noticed, we have services as well,

At which our Sunday Club of children in conclusion oft excel.

On our little red brick church here, we’ve no tower, dome or steeple

What we have inside our church is, Our Fellowship, the people!



by Michael Janes 

This poem was written by Michael Janes, a member of Frimley Green Methodist Church to mark 70 years of the church in 2010.
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